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This group was organized in 1998 from a word from God. I was instructed to create a group in which women can address issues without feeling judged. The group would also help women learn how to walk in victory. We got our name from the book of Ruth and added the suffix Ship. The combining of both words gives us our name Ruthship. The book of Ruth teaches the meaning of a true friend. Our desire is to build lasting rela- tionships by using principles found in the life of Ruth. Ruth was willing to stay with Naomi even though Oprah left. Ruth also stayed even though Naomi had nothing to offer her. True friendship stays when others leave and true friendship seeks to give and not get. We want women to know that there are still some Ruth's left. Remember the book of Ruth starts with a funeral but ends with a wedding. It's more important how you finish and not how you start.

MEET LADY CAROL BRYANT Lady Carol Bryant is not only the First Lady (Only Lady) of For His Glory Ministries but she is a nurse by occupation. She did nursing for over twenty years working in Brooklyn and Long Island, NY. Evangelist Bryant helps women to live out their creative purpose and enjoy victorious living. Her steady compassion for people along with her commitment to serve God's people will continue to yield great results in the Kingdom of God. Known by her heart for women, respected for her wisdom, and recognized by her love for God. She pours into the women of For His Glory and her spiritual daughters because she is committed to their development. She is the Director of Women at For His Glory Ministries, creating outlets to bring life, health, and wholeness to every woman. Lady Bryant's call is ministering to women who are broken. She provides encouragement, empowerment and development to women of all ages. She is the Founder & President of Ruthship Women's Ministries Inc. Alongside her husband Pastor Michael Bryant, Lady Bryant handles her obligation to serve in ministry with total dedication. She is a loving wife, devoted mother and wonderful grandmother. The Bryant's have four incredible children who are all successful in their own right. They are the proud grandparents of five beautiful granddaughters and two handsome grandsons.

370 E. Central Ave
Springboro OH 45066

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