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WHEEL was created in the minds of a few women who were sitting around a table in the
Chapel at Gadsden Correctional Institution in Gretna, Florida.  

We, of course, were grateful for all the ministries that took the time to come and share the 'Good News' with us (female prisoners)...but, we longed for a  ministry we could relate to.  Women who shared our past...left prison SAVED ...kept their eyes on Jesus...held on to their faith...and were willing to come back in and show us 'LIFE AFTER PRISON'!


To share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

To assist women leaving incarceration to re-enter our communities as productive, independent, responsible citizens.



Valarie Ellis was born May 17, 1948....but life began for Evangelist Ellis on May 20, 1997... when GOD reached way down into the bowels of a Florida women’s prison... selected a useless, broken vessel who was five (5) years into a thirty-five (35) year prison sentence that was to be followed with twenty-five (25) years of supervised probation. GOD not only selected her, HE saved her, picked her up, cleaned her up, turned her around, delivered her, fire baptized her, filled her with His Sweet Holy Spirit, and then set her free! For the first time in her life, she knew what it felt like to be FREE! It would be another four (4) years before the prison doors would miraculously open, and during that time, GOD used Evangelist Diane Green in her capacity as Chaplain to mentor, lead, guide, and direct her with Bible Studies, Workshops, Revivals, Shut-Ins, Development Classes, Worship Services, and Deliverance Services to name a few. Many different ministries volunteered their time to come to us, but none of them had ever been us. Purpose was birth in Valarie Ellis,...she knew that she would be back one day as a volunteer. GOD literally used her prison experiences to train and equip her for active duty.

Valarie Ellis moved to Miami, Florida in February 2001 after being released from prison with no probation. She went to work at a Call Center, joined First Deliverance Church of God in Christ were the late Elder Isaac S. Cohen was her pastor. Pioneers in the Church educated her, embraced her, encouraged her, challenged her, pushed her, protected her, and kept her busy. It wasn’t long before it became clear that Missionary Valarie Ellis had the heart of a servant, and the unique ability to connect with, teach, and inspire the Youth...who lovingly calls her Mama Val. She worked in he local Church, her District, her Jurisdiction, and the National Church Of God In Christ.

On July 7, 2010 during the A.I.M. (Auxiliaries In Ministry) Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, Adjutant Sister Valarie Ellis was selected to be one of the first women allowed to be the Gospel Messenger for the Academy’s Worship Service. Evangelist Valarie Ellis was appointed as Team Leader for the Children’s Evangelistic Ministry in 2013 by the National Department of Evangelism, and recruited by the Alter Ministry in the same year, to pray for those who come to the Alter for salvation and/or prayer when the invitation is extended by the Speaker of the Hour. In 2015, she was awarded the ‘Spiritual & Religion Award’ by The Gathering of Women, Inc. for her highly significant contribution to religious and spiritual understanding.

Currently Evangelist Ellis resides in Tampa, Florida and attends For His Glory Ministries where Pastor Michael Bryant is her Pastor, Teacher, and Mentor. She is the Founder of the W.H.E.E.L (Women Helping Each-other Enter Life) ( This is a prison outreach ministry that brings GOD’s Word to female prison residents, blessing them to see what GOD is capable of doing for even those who had, once upon a time, been them. The majority of WH.E.E.L.’s team of volunteers are ex-offenders who have served their time in the any one of the very prisons we now go into. GOD IS ABLE!

Evangelist Ellis testifies of GOD’S ability to do anything, but fail! She is recognized as a Life Skills Coach, Motivational Speaker, Health & Wellness Consultant, Corporate Trainer, and Gospel Messenger. Valarie Ellis is a popular invited speaker for women’s retreats, conferences, school assemblies, seminars, workshops, and Church Services. There are six (6) women’s prisons in the State of Florida, and GOD has opened the doors of five (5), so far, for W.H.E.E.L to go in for Worship Services. Her dream is to provide transitional homes for women coming out of prison and /or abused relationships...and her favorite Scripture is Proverbs 3: 5&6—“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding; In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”(NKJV)

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